james bell audio

Sound Design & Composition


The following videos show examples of replacement (i.e. not original to the production) sound tracks

created for animation and film.

With the exception of Alwaysland, the music is also composed by myself.

A dark and action packed piece showing imaginative contrast in sound design.

The original film can be viewed here.

This short contains original composed music and had much of its spot sound FX recorded using household items.

You can see the original film here.

The spark sound was crafted from a number of recorded elements including match strikes, ‘torch’ gas lighters, and even flaming torches.

The music was composed specifically for the soundtrack. See the original Honda ad here.

The original clip from The Deer Hunter depicts De Niro and Walken as men in their prime, engaged in the ‘honourable’, all American pass time of hunting. I have used sound and music to instead cast them as cruel and merciless. This demonstrates the impact sound can have on how the image is perceived.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any manner of project.

This took a previously completed student production and replaced all of the original soundtrack. With the exception of the music

by Plaid and Lamb, the entire soundtrack consists of originally recorded material, including the dialogue replacement.

Recent work:

Fraught Productions - Addict (2013) www.imdb.com/title/tt2191605/

Dialogue cleanup, sound editing/design, final mix

Scenario Films - Delight (2013) www.imdb.com/title/tt2284910

Recording and mix engineer for original score, ‘whipser track’ edit

Olesugun Obasanjo Foundation - promotional videos www.olusegunobasanjofoundation.org

Music and sound edit, final mix